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Welcome to the first issue of UNC Asheville Magazine.

by Anne Ponder

Anne Ponder

Anne Ponder

We are pleased to share with you the many compelling stories about people and programs that demonstrate the vigorous intellectual and cultural life on campus and in the community. These stories reinforce our commitment to what we hold dear at UNC Asheville: a liberal arts education, undergraduate research, a robust campus learning experience, diversity and inclusion, long-term sustainability, and our public responsibility to you, the people of North Carolina.

“The strategic plan highlights the university’s many strengths and provides cogent and seemingly attainable strategies to help achieve your meaningful goals.”

Since our strategic goals for the next five years focus on these areas, UNC Asheville Magazine will bring you stories that illustrate how we are working to achieve them. It has been a true joy to lead a planning process that has included the best thinking from the university’s finest minds, the wise counsel from deeply experienced members of our community, and the most fervent hopes of those who dare to dream of how UNC Asheville might better serve the families of North Carolina in the future. The high praise quoted here for our strategic plan’s innovation and vision represent the perspectives of a trustee who is also a business leader and a parent who is a longtime faculty member at a sister North Carolina institution. This is just one of the ways we know we are on the right track for our university. In the months and years to come, I hope to hear from many of you as you choose how you might participate in this exciting journey. Your involvement and guidance will help shape the future of the university we know and love.

“The plan reflects the time and care taken by all involved and demonstrates UNC Asheville's commitment to its values and to members of the entire university family.”

Whether you are a parent or community member, friend of the university or one of our 15,000 alumni, I invite you to read UNC Asheville Magazine to reacquaint yourself with the university or to connect with us. The magazine will come to you twice a year, in November and in June, and we welcome your comments and questions as we begin to share our stories with you.