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volume 3 number 1

Volume 3, No. 2 (Summer 2011)

The largest facility ever constructed on the UNC Asheville campus was dedicated in the spring. Read More

At UNC Asheville students find a curriculum that challenges them to think differently to ensure professional success. Read More

Balancing basketball and a tough academic schedule takes dedication and careful planning. Read More

volume 3 number 1

Volume 3, No. 1 (Fall/Winter 2010)

Rocky 1—Worth the Wait Read More

Making the Best of Hard Times—Part-time jobs and increased financial aid have helped many students cope with a tough economy. Read More

Field Notes from a Botanist—David Clarke: collector of plants in the world's last great tropical wilderness Read More

volume 2 number 2

Volume 2, No. 2 (Spring/Summer 2010)

Hands in Harmony—Photographer Tim Barnwell '77 explores the world of traditional crafts and music in Appalachia Read More

Students get an up-close geology lesson at the I-40 rockslide Read More

Dan Pierce brings history to life Read More

volume 2 number 1

Volume 2, No. 1 (Fall/Winter 2009)

NEMAC—Translating Data into meaningful and useful science Read More

Setting the standard—Zeis Hall brings science, multimedia to life Read More

Career Center—facing the job market Read More

volume 1 number 2

Volume 1, No. 2 (Spring/Summer 2009)

Connecting the dots on protecting farms—Research shows how residents and visitors value agriculture in Western North Carolina Read More

Community support grows for local foods on campus and at tailgate markets Read More

From the Smokies to the Piedmont, history professor Dan Pierce chronicles everyday Southern folks Read More

Volume 1 Number 1

Volume 1, No 1 (Fall/Winter 2008)

Mountains to the World—becoming global citizens students create a vibrant educational experience in Bolivia, returning with new insights and understanding Read more

Clearing the Air—Professor Bert Holmes and his cohort of student researchers may reveal replacements for greenhouse gases and ozone-depleting compounds. Read More

Meet Jane Fernandes—UNC Asheville's new provost A consensus builder, she deftly navigates the hearing and deaf worlds as she champions the liberal arts. Read More