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Telling Our Story

A new way of seeing the benefits of the UNC Asheville experience


Magazine ad

MANY OF THE BEST jobs of tomorrow don't exist today. That's why the most successful colleges are those that educate students to be creative, imaginative thinkers who can adapt their skills to a changing world.

A new promotional campaign for the university launching this year will showcase UNC Asheville as just this kind of university—a place that encourages students to think and create and explore new ideas, encouraged by professors who help each student make intellectual connections between varied subjects.

Organized around the catch phrase "Seriously Creative" the goal is to tell the UNC Asheville story by revealing the people who live that story—our students, our professors, our alumni, who are thoughtful and intellectual, yet friendly, upbeat and engaged.

A print and TV ad campaign will be accompanied by other promotional activities, websites, social media tactics and direct mail pieces that will help us continue to enroll the best and brightest new students and show the citizens of our state the value of a UNC Asheville education.

Watch for more ways that we'll be showing how UNC Asheville is "Seriously Creative."

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