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Cultural Events and Special Academic Programs

Nov 15 Frank Warren PostSecret

Hear a talk given by a man who has been called the most trusted stranger in America. Every month, more than 7 million people visit his website,, which features artfully and anonymously made postcards that contain people’s darkest—and lightest— secrets. His work has helped to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for the National Suicide Hotline.

Jan 19 damali ayo Spoken word in observance of MLK week

Change starts with people, relationships and courage. Join our campus commu­nity and become empowered as damali ayo—activist, speaker and artist—uses her humorous stories and award-win­ning art to provide practical tools for building better communities. Her work makes conversations about racial justice more accessible.

Feb 15 Project Trio Classical music with a twist

The Brooklyn-based chamber music ensemble is a classically trained and educated trio who perform genre-bend­ing pieces that redefine the chamber style. Blending rock, classical, jazz and more, PROJECT Trio not only entertains their audience, but inspires them to look beyond the confines of traditional classi­cal music. Greg Pattillo’s “beatbox flute” is not to be missed.


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