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Their Own Words

Bulldogs of years past recalled campus life in the Alumni Association’s “Fond Memories” Facebook competition. Here are a few of the hilarious and heartwarming excerpts:

George Hudson ’85

“Steely Dan and Grateful Dead records jamming out loud in dorm…. Over to the Brass Tap to catch Warren Haynes, after which on to the Parkway and watched the meteor showers…. Kerouac while lay­ing around eating Egg McMuffins.”

Laura Norrell ’03

“One year, the weather report predicted a huge snowstorm. The university cancelled all classes before the storm was expected to hit. But the weather report was wrong. It hit 70 degrees in the afternoon. There were more people playing Frisbee or laying out on the Quad than most lovely days.”

Jason McGill ’04

“My fondest memories: Watching movies on the Quad—that night was ‘Space Balls’ followed by ‘American Psycho.’ Oh, and hot chocolate and popcorn!”

Charlotte Claypoole ’05

“One of my fondest memories took place during the construction of the new Highsmith Student Union. I had put up a big streamer Star of David in my Mills Hall dorm room window to celebrate Hanukkah with my roommate, Nicole Foster. The next day, I looked out the window and directly across from us one of the construction workers had drawn a Star of David on one of the steel beams! I think it’s still there inside Highsmith to this day.”

Greg Thuotte ’08

“I’d definitely say it was when we had a 40-50 person capture the flag game, which encompassed the entire grounds inside of Campus Drive. It was loads of fun, we got sweaty, dirty, fortunately no one got hurt. It helped that my team won, of course, but it was awesome.”


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