From academics to athletics, UNC Asheville's campus comes alive after dark. When the sun sets, students can be seen sprinting into the night, settling into their studies and residence halls, and enjoying their favorite nocturnal activities.


8 p.m. Overlook Hall. Overlook Hall offers a spectacular view of the night sky. Ten study-lounges feature floor-to-ceiling windows, some of which look out on the athletic fields, where students practice into the dark.


8:30 p.m. athletic field. The ultimate frisbee team trains at dusk.


9 p.m. Highsmith University Union Gameroom. Stephanie Sine picks up a game of pool in Highsmith University Union, where students can find ping pong, video gaming systems, board games and weekly tournaments.


7:30 p.m. Dining Hall. Alexandra Griffin dines after dark in Brown Hall.


6:30 p.m. Overlook Hall room. Niki Duff studies in her residence hall.


6 p.m. Zeis Hall Chemistry lab. Leah Wormack completes an experiment for her chemistry lab.


7 p.m. Lipinsky Hall Practice room. Music major Shane Burbage practices for his Aural Skills (ear training) class.


8 p.m. Owen Hall Pottery studio. Warren Oliver creates a pottery piece.


10 p.m. "Nearly Naked Mile". Students don their running shoes and little else for the "Nearly Naked Mile," an annual tradition that features clothing donations to the Asheville Homeless Network with a lap around campus—in the rain.


8 p.m. Ramsey Library. Dean Roland gets comfortable for an evening of studying in the library.


7 p.m. Sherrill Center. Basketball games at the Sherrill Center draw crowds from campus and the surrounding community.


9 p.m. Blue Echo Radio StationHighsmith University Union. UNC Asheville's student-run online radio station broadcasts the beats every afternoon and evening, making sure that students and alumni can stay in tune with campus even if they aren't up to see it. Their music and interviews echo from the Blue Ridge into the dark blue night. L–R: Titi Adeniyi, Austin Smith and Drew Proctor.

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